2018 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award Program: The Five Keys Educational Program

Five Keys Educational Program at Probation Adult DRCs

The Five Keys Educational Program at the Probation Adult Day Reporting Centers won a 2018 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award. The award honors innovative, effective county government programs that enhance services for the community.

The program is a collaboration between the Five Keys Charter School and the San Bernardino County Probation Department. The objective of Five Keys is to provide participants with the educational opportunities needed to make them successful. The program provides students with the chance to advance their educational level either by earning a high school diploma or GED. During sessions, participants are offered small group and one-on-one individualized instruction as well as programs using a multi-track educational approach that tailors the students’ educational goals to their needs.

Five Keys is set up in classrooms at the Day Reporting Centers (DRC) in Fontana, San Bernardino and Victorville. The program is open to anyone in the public, however probationers make up a large percentage of the class because it offers them a chance to successfully transition back in to the community.

“We offer different locations so the probationer/student can have the opportunity, no matter where they live within the county, to get their GED or high school diploma and hopefully graduate high school and advance to college,” said Cynthia Perez-Macias, supervising probation officer at the Fontana DRC.

Claudia Arambula, an instructor with Five Keys at the Fontana DRC, said it is not a traditional classroom setting and the program is designed to meet the needs of the student.

“Because our classes are not big, I can sit down with a student for an entire two hours and go over a packet with them,” she said. “We have the flexibility to be able to do whatever we need to do for that particular student or that particular group of students. We really, really are here to help.”

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