2016 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award Program: 

DRRSC Employment Readiness Training and Placement Program

DRRSC Employment Readiness Training and Placement Program

The Probation Day Reporting and Reentry Services Center (DRRSC) Employment Readiness, Training and Placement Program received a 2016 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award in the category of Criminal Justice and Public Safety. NACo awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that enhance services for the community.

Probation works with the county Workforce Development Department to offer classes at each of the three DRRSCs that address developing employable skills, providing job readiness training, finding employment, and learning job-related services. The program assists probationers with job readiness. Staff conduct workshops and one-on-one sessions and teach clients how to research a job, write a resume, obtain an interview, talk to their future employers, and address their felony conviction on an application and in person.

“Our hope is that this program will reduce recidivism, thereby allowing our probationers a second chance at contributing to their communities,” said Division Director II Laura Davis.

DRRSCs for adults were established in the Central Valley, West Valley, and High Desert regions in response to AB 109. They were designed as one-stop, centralized places for the reentry population providing onsite representatives from the Department of Behavioral Health, Department of Public Health, Transitional Assistance Department, and the Workforce Development Department. Employment has been identified as a key factor to recovery, reentry and recidivism reduction.

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